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Playing the ‘C’ Card

Going to chemo every few weeks is a good reality check.  If I started to feel sorry for myself, one look around the waiting room quickly snuffed that out as I saw people who’ve been dealt a far tougher hand. I believe in avoiding self-pity.  And, for most of my 10 years living with cancer, I believed in avoiding the pity of others.  But shortly after my prognosis changed to ‘terminal’, I reconsidered that position.   While I still did not want my friends and family to treat me differently, I realized that I should consider an exception for other people.  In particular, people like hotel managers, flight attendants, and maitre d’s.  My first time playing the ‘C’-card worked out great.  My daughter Ella and I were in Wyoming and planning dinner at a mountain-top restaurant.  Their on-line reservation system asked: “Is this a special evening?”.   Well…OK…you asked.  So I responded that I have stage 4 cancer and this was a special father-daughter trip…likely our last together to Jac